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Decatur High School

The school was built to fulfill needs for capacity in a growing district. The school functions much like a college—there are learning opportunities in many areas.

All program areas housed in the main building are accessible from the main corridor which extends the length of the building allowing students, faculty and administration quick movement between areas.

The building is designed to accommodate after hours use by separately secured building sections. The classrooms, grouped by discipline, allow team teaching and collaborative learning. They includes shared science lab prep rooms and computer labs.

The district’s desire to include many areas of study for a variety of student needs in the community led to a campus with extra curricular studies that offers students specialized knowledge. Major site program elements include: Agriculture Barn, Vocational Building, Greenhouse, and 750 seat Auditorium (with Choir, Band, and Lecture Halls). In addition, the school was designed with a competition gym that is viewable from the main corridor.

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