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The Ganzhorn Suites

The Ganzhorn Suites is a highly specialized memory care assisted living community committed to meeting the evolving needs of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Most dementia care centers built today are designed for early to mid-stages of the disease and are ill equipped to handle the increased care that is required as residents’ needs change. Eleanor Alvarez, CEO of The Ganzhorn Suites, saw that these individuals were largely ignored within the existing spectrum of healthcare environments. In fact, persons with moderate to advanced stages of dementia are often turned away from existing dementia care centers and are often left with psychiatric facilities as their only choice for care.  

With this in mind, Eleanor developed the Ganzhorn Suites.  She chose LK Architecture to develop a purpose-built center that reflects innovation in environmental design. She considered the impact of light, sounds, color and textures on residents with memory loss and only incorporated safe, soothing design elements. Serene spaces, private suites, natural light, circular paths, and simple décor with memory cues combine to create a comforting, easy-to-navigate environment.  The most significant feature of the design is the four small households, each with a kitchen, living room, and den. These households are built around beautifully designed courtyards that provide opportunities for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Each household accommodates 16 residents. The circular pathways within the households create a safe environment for those who wander, which is a common hallmark of the disease.

Because of the increased levels of care needed for this growing, late stage, population, which often results in increased agitation and aggression as well as increased health concerns, The Ganzhorn Suites needed to create a care environment while adding the extra elements that help to provide meaningful care.

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