Our CultureThe Blueprint of Hart Gaugler

Our culture is based around creativity, partnership, and dependability. If we hold ourselves to those standards, every one of our clients’ projects will succeed.

A Culture of Accountability

Since our founding in 1998, we have focused on providing a high level of service and creativity to all of our clients and partners. Missing a required deadline would be considered completely unacceptable within our company culture. We know that our work sets the pace for the remainder of a construction project, and that any delays we create put schedules in jeopardy. So, we don’t allow that to happen.

A Culture of

A CULTURE OFResponsibility

We hold production meetings every Monday to discuss the week’s deadlines and reveal potential schedule conflicts. When needed, personnel are shifted and overtime is issued to be certain that projects never fall behind on our watch. Our principals meet on a monthly basis to review long-range project projections in order to forecast our workload and staff needs. That kind of planning and accountability pushes our team to do their best work as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality. Our culture is driven by accountability, creativity, and an energetic pace of work.

Our FirmHart Gaugler + Assoc.

For nearly two decades we’ve been dedicated to quality, integrity, and trust. It’s in our DNA to do the best work in the industry without missing deadlines or making excuses.

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LeadershipMeet Our Team

The leadership team at Hart Gaugler is made up of the best minds our field, working together to leverage their collective expertise for the benefit of our clients.

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